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research interests

We are working on the development of coordination compounds with multiple physical properties such as magnetic, conductive, optical, and sorption. We dedicate efforts on the design of new ligands, synthetic methods, and experimental conditions, in order to tune such physical properties.

Our group is focused on the study of:

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Adsorption properties of MOFs
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Magnetic properties of Coordination Compounds
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Photochemical properties of Coordination Compounds

Our group is formed by dedicated people who focus their efforts on the development of new coordination compounds as tools for the design of multifunctional molecular materials. Under the leadership of Prof Dr. Wdeson P. Barros, our research is carried out in the Institute of Chemistry, University of Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil.
Join us in the search for new coordination compounds with properties that could change the world as we know it!

Contact information

Prof. Dr. Wdeson P. Barros

phone+55 (19) 3521-3490


University of Campinas, Institute of Chemistry
Josué de Castro Street
Cidade Universitária "Zeferino Vaz"
Campinas-SP, Brazil
PO Box 6154, ZIP code 13083-970
Laboratory: A1-104, Office: A1-101